Building monero things that run anywhere

Unnamed Monero Wallet (xmruw)

Simple and easy to use monero wallet that provides cutting edge technology. Built on top of almost all software listed below.


Wrapper around wallet2_api.h that allows to call C++ functions from a C-compatible land.


Provides direct access to monero_c headers in a simple Dart package - compatible with both flutter and pure dart.


Don't worry about putting correct dynamic library in place - we will do that for you. By using this package you can use monero.dart directly


Implementation of bcr-2020-012-bytewords in a separate package to allow others to easily benefit from it.


Currency conversion package that works fully offline


[WIP] Strong stealth mode for flutter apps that aims to hide everything about it's true hidden app.

OpenAlias server

[WIP] OpenAlias accessible to all! Simple and easy to use OpenAlias registration service which allows Monero users to get a memorable address.

How we do

Everything is made with simplicity, privace, security, extensibility and customization in mind.


Keeping code simple is critical, it increases maintainability and reduces the attack surface, having simple implementation also allows rapid development of new features.


Everything is secure until it isn't - it is very important to think about situation when one of the security layers gets broken, because it is not a matter of if but a matter of when.


One-fits-all solutions are broken by design if you try to enforce, that's why every detail is left for the end user to customize.


Thanks to cross-platform tools xmruw (and other projects) can be ran on anything that have a CPU and (optionally) a display.

Cutting edge

I'm in for implementing every single (even most exotic) features that you can think of, given that I have some time I'll do it.

Made for you <3

It is 100% clear that I can't make everyone happy - but if there is something that you don't like or would like to change - get in touch with us. We can work it out.


Feel free to join our chatrooms or contact me directly by email.

p.s. If you are unhappy about the choice of chat apps I support I'm very happy to add another one to the list - all chatrooms are bridged so if you are in one you can chat with people in every other chatroom.